Better People. Better Lives. Better Organizations.

I am a CEO, Entrepreneur or
Business Executive and I want to:

  • Create strategic initiatives with focused purpose and positive outcomes for stakeholders.
  • Develop my leadership skills so that my team enjoys coming to work Monday morning.
  • Build upon the best our company has from its past and create an even better future.
  • Uphold a code of conduct so that the world unequivocally knows where I stand, because of how we stand.
  • Feel that my personal values are aligned with the business' practices.

I am an Individual ready for or going through change and want to:

  • Quell my restless heart through defining a life of meaning and purpose.
  • Answer my true calling so that I feel I have created my life rather than just lived it.
  • Have time for what really matters with who really matter.
  • Leave this world a better place for the next generation.
  • Share my unique gifts, talents and strengths with the greater world for the greater good.


I am a Leader of a Non Profit Organization and I want:

  • Effective collaborations that continue the vision and mission of my organization.
  • Strategic initiatives with focused purpose and positive outcomes for stakeholders.
  • Forward thinking that engages the minds and hearts of my board, staff and even myself.
  • Someone to challenge me, listen to my thoughts and ideas, and help me grow.
  • Staff members and volunteers who embrace our  reason for existing with passion and conscientiousness.

I am a Leader of a Faith-based Organization and want:

  • God's dream to come fully alive while acknowledging earthly accountability.
  • A faith journey that is enhanced  for all of my staff, clergy, and members through the manifestation of external strengths and internal spiritual gifts.
  • A spiritual guide to enhance my ability to inspire, manage and lead in a manner that is in keeping with my beliefs and values.
  • To fulfill my calling to make a difference in the lives of others in the spirit of community, stewardship and giving. 



"People leading better lives lead better organizations.This is at the core of who we coach and why we coach.  We enhance lives, help move organizations forward, build communities and  make the world a better place for today's leaders and the next generation."

Gina Columna
Consultant, Coach, Trainer

Founder of G-Force International