Sound Process. Actionable Development. Strategic Insight.

Bringing global perspective, proven know-how, and intuitive insight, G-Force understands how to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential with clarity, purpose and return on investment. 


Identifying and leveraging the executive team's beliefs and behaviors before they launch into any leadership change initiative is paramount to a successful outcome. Understanding your strategic roadmap for growth and aligning it with how the executive team will need to change and grow first, so that their respective functions in are in concert with with the organization's goals.


Determining the behaviors that create a culture for change starts from the top.


The G-Force Process: A sound process results in replicable success. Our G-Force approach helps you identify individual and organization gaps and personal talents in order to align, grow, achieve and succeed.


Actionable Development: Knowledge is only as valuable as the action that can be taken based on what is newly understood. Our goal is to inspire immediate action based on what you learn through the programs, resources and guidance provided.


Strategic Insight: Courage - to step out of your comfort zone. Critical thinking - to open your mind to future possibilities. Problem solving - for emergent issues not seen or anticipated. These are at the core of your individual and organizational growth. Whether facilitating your team or a leader's thinking, the insight we bring is focused on being relevant, specific and empowering to everyone within your organization. 


"In working with G-Force,
not only get a wealth
of knowledge and expertise,
but also a wealth of tools, resources and talent in who and what they bring to your organization. They really
care about you and your organization's wellbeing." 

Kristy Blackman

V.P. Human Resources

The Lane Construction Company