5G Process: Leveraging Strengths, Vision, Passion & Purpose

The G-Force Process was developed based on decades of working with teams and leaders to maximize the potential of everyone in alignment with the vision and purpose of the organization. Key to its success is in the momentum-building that occurs through  each step in the process. Team members are engaged through facilitated discussion, one-on-one coaching and training. 


Gaps & Gifts: This first step focused on gaining insight to the challenges being faced, inefficiencies that need to be addressed, the talent and competencies that can be leveraged and the gaps that need to be filled.


Gravitate: The second step centers around gaining commitment and agreement among all stakeholders, confirming values, unifying factors, team dynamics, strengths and weaknesses.


Goals: The third step brings vision and purpose into focus, so that short-term, long-term and stretch goals can be identified and quantified, with benchmarks and measurement perimeters set.


Growth: The fourth step aids in professional and organization advancement through action and experiential learning initiatives to facilitate change and leverage opportunities.


Gain: The fifth step is a celebration of achievements, successes and advancements, with a focus on next-level review of best practices and learnings.












"Gina brings valuable critical and strategic thinking into her coaching, which empowered my own ability to figure out how to solve a problem, make decisions when at a crossroad, and look further into the future."

Katherine L. Bechtold, RN, MHA

Senior VP, Patient Care Service/Chief Nursing Officer

Covenant Health