Our 5G Process



Our proprietary G-Force Process was developed based on decades of working with teams and leaders to maximize the potential of everyone in alignment with the vision and mission of the organization. Key to its success is in the momentum-building that occurs through  each step in the process. Team members are engaged through facilitated discussion, one-on-one and/or team coaching and training. 



Gaps & Gifts: Assessment – To determine a baseline of where you and your team are as it relates to your aspirational vision of the future. 


Gravitate: Alignment – To gain commitment and agreement among all stakeholders, confirming values, unifying factors, team dynamics, strengths and weaknesses.


Goals: Stretch Goals - To bring vision and purpose into focus around what needs to change and why. 


Growth: Courage – To step outside of your comfort zone and practice new behaviors and adopt new beliefs about one self, each other and what is possible towards accomplishing the goals.


Gain: Results and Reassessment – To celebrate achievements, successes and advancements, with a focus on reviewing how I or we have done compared to our baseline assessment.